Monday, November 29, 2010

Archery Tool Launcher Icon

Archery Tool has a new launcher icon, expect an update to the app in the next several days with this and other improvements.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Archery Tool ver: 0.3.5

Archery Tool has been updated to Beta version 0.3.5. FOC percent calculator is included, a few more glossary entries have been added, and it has been given a little color. The next release will be about glossary entries, extending current features (Kinetic Energy and FOC history for easier comparison), and polishing it more. It will probably be a few weeks until the next release.

So far the app has been downloaded over 140 times! Thanks to everyone who is trying it out!

Visit here on your android browser or use a barcode scanner.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Archery Tool ver: 0.2

Archery Tool has been updated to version 0.2

Changes include a paper tuning section, menu icons for hdpi, ldpi, mdpi have been corrected. The home menu icon was missing for hdpi. Fixed some grammatical errors in the glossary.

Next release will include FOC and more glossary entries. After that release, I'll work on making it look better.

So far it's been downloaded over 80 times with 55 active installs, this is doing better than I expected! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it.

Visit here on your android browser or use a barcode scanner.

KPF Software Mobile Version

I've used to create a mobile version of the blog. I didn't edit the CSS at all, so it's very plain looking. If I get time, I might try to give it some color.

Archery Tool version 0.2 will be out this afternoon. It includes the paper tuning section. So far there has been over 65 downloads! If downloads continue I will add FOC and then work on making it look better all around.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Archery Tool ver: 0.1.1

Archery tool has been uploaded to the Android market.

Kinetic Energy Calculator and Glossary are fully working. Trying to gauge interest in this type of app and will then develop based on that. FOC, Paper Tuning Tips, and more to come. If there is some interest, I will get graphics done and a better launcher icon.

Visit here on your android browser or use a barcode scanner.